Meeting with the partners

2021.09.22.: Welcoming a new partner

Bicycle Data is not only a research project by a University, but it also involves experts from leading European cycling cities to collect feedback and to deliver useful results to the practical work of these stakeholders. Especially Denmark is famous for cycling: The city of Aarhus, the second largest city of the scandinavian country, is engaging to make bicycle use more convenient. Michael Bloksgaard, coordinator for Intelligent Transport Systems, gave Bicycle Data interesting insights in his daily work and the specific usecase of the city. To improve traffic flow, specific radar systems were implemented to prioritize cyclists at the traffic lights at two inner city intersections. Cyclists do not have to stop at the intersection when they approaching the intersection with a sufficient speed level what makes bicycle use much more convenient. Bicycle Data discussed with Michael Bloksgaard about the relating data of the traffic signals. The project is looking forward to work with the data sets from Denmark and to provide new KPIs on that on the website.  

The city of Aarhus provided useful background information to their specific traffic situation as part of an online meeting. Source: Microsoft Teams.