Meeting with the partners

2020.11.16./17.: Smarthelm partners discuss current development status

The partners involved in the interdisciplinary Smarthelm research project have now met for a two-day digital project meeting. Important topics of discussion were the implementation of upcoming studies for further testing of the helmet under corona conditions. Helmet manufacturer UVEX presented the latest version of the Smarthelm (including a visor for better sun protection), while Ubimax gave insights into the possibilities of overlays for the driver on the smart glasses (see screenshot). The city of Oldenburg presented ideas to bring the project closer to the general public via digital means as well. Harish Moturu from the VLBA department presented the current development status of the data management platform for analyzing load factors of helmet wearers. The Bicycle Data project group was also present and reported, among other things, on their analysis of EEG data and the Bicycle Data Dashboard for open bicycle data, which will be the result of student work.

The next steps in the project were agreed in more detail. A practical study with bicycle couriers from CITIPOST Nordwest in Oldenburg is planned for summer 2021. The Smarthelm project is being funded over a period of three years in the BMVI’s mFUND program. The aim is to develop an intelligent bicycle helmet, including attention measurement and augmented reality glasses, to make everyday work easier for bicycle couriers. From a research point of view, stress factors of courier drivers are to be identified on the basis of new biophysiological data.

At the digital Smarthelm meeting, project partner Ubimax showed ways in which overlays could be made in the driver’s field of view on AR glasses. Source: Microsoft Teams.